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Because of our family ties and work history, all of our products are made in our factory in China. China is the best place to make high quality ceramics due to their skill in porcelain and... well you guessed it... fine china. At our factory, we make our own Paladin clay and we mix our own glaze. My brother in law is the quality control manager and oversees each product daily.

Nope. Just like lead, Cadmium is a heavy metal that can be dangerous when used in food grade products. We do not use any Cadmium in our glazes or clay.

My husband Jerry, Co-founder of Mora Ceramics is a chemical engineer and worked with the factory to develop a clay that is more dense so it’s tougher, but also absorbs less water then average clay so it’s lighter. Since it’s more dense it doesn't have to be thick, so that’s also another reason why it’s lighter. I named it paladin clay because in history, a paladin is strong and lean. 

The best thing to do is prep the mug by pouring hot water in the vessel, letting it sit for a couple minutes, pouring the water out, and then pouring the coffee or liquid of choice in.

Also, using the lid helps trap in steam and keeps it hotter longer.

Lastly, don't fill the mug past the line on the top of the inside of the mug. This is where the inner wall ends and the outer wall begins. If your hot beverage touches the ceramic past that line, the heat is going to transfer to the outer wall – the part that your hands touch.

Why yes, we do!

We make custom orders on batches that are 200 units or more at the most competitive price.

If you are looking for orders that are less than 200 units, that is also no problem, just contact us via email and we can discuss a plan that's right for you.

a ceramic travel mug on a minimal modern shelf as the sun is setting