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Yes, we do!

Check out our Wholesale Policy for the easy step-by-step process.

If you have a special request, you can fill out our Product Inquiry Form located under Customer Service. Please be sure to include the following information:

1) Which products?

2) How many of each product?

3) Which colors?

Then depending on the complexity of the request, how many orders we are currently receiving, and our on-hand availability of certain products, we will see if we can fulfill your custom order at that time.

First, see if any of these tips help:

1) All of our coupon codes are for one-time use, so please check if you have already previously used that coupon code.

2) Be sure to make sure the coupon code you are trying to use applies to the product you would like to purchase. For instance, some of our promo codes can only be applied to select mugs, etc.

3) Double-check if the coupon code is being typed in correctly (copy & paste will ensure typos don't occur).

4) It may be an internal issue, so try clicking out of the check-out and then clicking back in to re-enter the coupon code.

If you have tried all the above steps and your coupon code still isn't working, let us know. We would be happy to help!


Oh no! If your product has arrived damaged, please fill out the Replacement Form found under Customer Service. Then after providing the following information:

1) Order ID

2) A thorough description of what happened

3) Provide photos of the damaged product

We will further assist you in receiving a replacement.

If you ordered more than one product, chances are they were shipped from different warehouses. So have no fear! This means your products were sent in separate packages and will arrive at different times/dates.
If a few days have passed and you are still concerned as to why your package hasn't arrived yet. Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you check the status of your shipment.

Yes you can! Ensuring that every part of our product is environmentally friendly, all of our packaging, including the foam, is recyclable and biodegradable.


Because of our family ties and work history, all of our products are made in our family-owned factory in China. China is the best place to make high-quality ceramics due to their skill in porcelain and you guessed it ~ fine china.
At our factory, we make our own Paladin Clay and we mix our own glaze. My brother-in-law is the quality control manager and oversees each product daily.

My husband Jerry, Co-founder of Mora Ceramics, is a chemical engineer and worked with the factory to develop a high quality clay made specially for our company.
Named after historical Paladins, who are known for being strong and lean, Paladin clay absorbs less water and has a higher density than other clays, creating an overall lighter weight ceramic.

Nope! Just like lead, cadmium is a heavy metal that can be dangerous when used in food-grade products. Since providing a safe and healthy product is most important to us, we do not use any cadmium in our glazes or clay.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to help keep your drink hotter for longer:

1) The best thing to do is to prepare the mug by pouring hot water in the vessel and letting it sit for a couple minutes. Then after pouring the hot water out, your mug will be ready for your beverage of choice!

2) Our travel lid is designed to trap in steam and keep drinks remaining hot. So make sure it's securely on!

3) Make sure to not fill the mug past the ridge on the inside of the mug. This is where the inner wall ends and the outer wall begins. If your hot beverage touches the ceramic past that line, the heat will transfer to the outer wall.

The glazing process of our ceramics is done by hand and therefore could possibly result in color variation due to the water in the glaze, the firing time, the glaze thickness, etc. Each item is unique in its own way.

Also please note that our natural glaze also can change in color depending on the lighting. We have tried to provide pictures of our products in different lighting to show the color variations. It is also good to keep in mind that the color on computer screens varies and may look different from the actual product.

This rare issue occurs when silverware is softer than our crystalized glaze. When scraped against ceramics with abnormal force, it can leave behind grey marks. If silverware contains nickel they are more likely to leave behind a metallic grey residue.
Have no fear! These marks are easy to remove by using a nylon scrubby and a mild abrasive, such as Bar Keeper's Friend.
For more information, check out our blog post: "Black Marks on My Ceramics: How To Get Rid of Them."

Yes! Our ceramics can withstand high temperatures since they all require a firing temperature of 1500 degrees F. So all of our ceramics are safe to use in the oven, even at broiler temperatures.
We just encourage the ceramics are not too cold before putting them in the oven, to avoid a drastic change in temperature.

*Please note: Our ceramics should never come directly into contact with fire*